Submission Guideline and Terms

WebVerve Web Directory Submit is a service for webmasters, site owners, and marketing organizations to quickly have their site reviewed for inclusion in the WebVerve Directory.

WebVerve Directory offers editorial review fee-based premium and standard submission service. If for some reason your site is not accepted, your editorial review fee may be refunded. INCLUSION IS NOT GUARANTEED. Subject to the terms below, if your web site is accepted as premium listing, then your web site's continued inclusion in the Directory will be subject to additional review each year and to the applicable NON-REFUNDABLE recurring annual fee. If your site offers services on a subscription basis, you must provide WebVerve a trial password or subscription ID as part of the registration. The password/subscription ID will be valid for a period of not less than 30 days and will be used by WebVerve solely as part of its evaluation of whether your site meets and maintains the minimum site criteria explained below.

Submission Guidelines

All web sites submitted to WebVerve Directory Submit must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • The site must not already appear in the Directory.
  • The site must contain unique content, as determined by a WebVerve editor, administrator or webmaster.
  • The site must not contain any parts under construction.
  • The site must be up and running 24/7.
  • The site must clearly define its purpose, products, and/or services.
  • All links on the site must work.
  • Submit web sites to the most appropriate category. If a subcategory does not exist to represent your site, use the Suggest a Category feature first, then submit your site and use the new category you suggested.
  • The site must be in the English language (or have an English version available).
  • Submit non-English web sites to the Regional categories unless there is an English option for your site. Suggest a new category if needed.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word composing your site Title. (ex: Website About Important Things).
  • Use proper sentence structure for site Description. Avoid using promotional language and strings of key words and search terms. Don't repeat the title of your site in the description. Capitalize first word, but not every word.
  • The site must not contain any content, products, services or other information that may be illegal to sell under any applicable law, that may infringe or violate anyone's rights, or that, WebVerve believes, in its sole discretion, is offensive.
  • Top/root level categories are reserved for Premium listings only. If you submit to an immediate top /root level category (ie: Arts, Internet, Computers, etc.), your listing will be moved to a subcategory unless you select a premium listing. If you would like a listing on a top level category, use the Premium Listing option.
Site We Reject

  • Site not submitted to most appropriate category.
  • Porn, warez, hate, drug, and other objectionable sites will be rejected.
  • Unresponsive or under-construction sites will be rejected.
  • Sites offering little or no original content will be rejected.
  • Sites made only for AdSense ads or similar ad service will be rejected.
  • Breaking the above rules may lead to you being banned!
Terms of Agreement

  • By submitting you agree to Privacy PolicyTerm and ConditionsDisclaimers and all of the following Terms of Agreement.
  • Our editors have the right to accept or reject any site submitted.
  • Our editors may alter the title and/or description or your submission.
  • Our editors may place your site in the category that they believe most relevant.
  • Our editors have the right to delete any listing for any reason.
  • Our editor will contact Applicant by email describing whether the site has been accepted or rejected. If the site is rejected, your editorial review fee may be refunded (Premium and Standard Paid Listing).

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